Big Question - Why to choose Serviced Apartments over Hotels?


Well ! If you're looking for a place to live rather than just sleep, then serviced apartments are the idyllic accommodation solution.

Before any explanation, look at these pointers that 99.9% convinces you to choose Serviced Apartments instead of Hotels and know why it is becoming more popular...

  • In serviced apartments, one can have the option of more rooms, rather than being stuck in one single hotel room.
  • In serviced apartments feel like a local and explore the area. Get freedom, privacy, space and what not.
  • Serviced apartments consists of a well-equipped kitchen with integrated fridge/freezer, cooker and microwave.
  • You can eat what you want and when you want.(no hotel meal time schedule to follow).
  • In serviced apartments there is DIY laundry services with washing machines and dryers– the most cost effective laundry solution
  • In serviced apartments, feel like home, one can enjoy amenities like Internet access, HD Television, Mp3 player, Gym Equipments, Swimming pool, and much more.
  • In serviced apartments, get car/ bike parking space.
  • In serviced apartments, when feel like partying, invite your friends, have fun, drink and dance without any neighbor trouble, relax at your own will.
  • Last but not the least, get welcome packs with a selection of coffee, tea, milk and cookies



With this, also know the “Types Of Serviced Apartments”

Depending on requirement, one can choose the serviced apartments.

  • Studio Apartments (studio flat/ bachelor apartment), a single room with a kitchenette, living area, and bedding.(of course modern amenities too)
  • 2/3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen Apartment (of course with modern amenities)
  • Penthouses - luxuriously fitted flat on the top floor, or an outhouse with a slanting roof(no wonder, with homey comfy)


  • Business / Corporate travelers – Here, nothing better than renting a serviced apartment (cost effective at the same time homey comfort)
  • Group of backpackers – No need to rent individual rooms, spend wisely and rather book a serviced apartment.
  • Family Vacation – When with wife & kids, go for a kid-friendly and amenity-full serviced apartment.
  • Leisure Travelers – Hey! Its for you…plan a trip and choose a serviced apartment that compliments your trip.
  • How can we ignore you - those who are relocating to a new town/ city, a serviced apartment can be very useful until they find a suitable accommodation.
  • Serviced apartments are less expensive as compared to hotel rooms.
  • They offer the luxury of a hotel room but the advantage of being more spacious and private.
  • Gives the user more flexibility and independence. More economical and reasonable as there are no overhead expenses.
  • Hotels are generally only suitable for short term stay where as the serviced apartments is for long stay.
  • Gives the user a ‘home away from home’ feeling
  • 24/7 fully engaged staff
  • Reception/Porter
  • concierge
  • Chef
  • Customized welcome gift
  • Luxury Bath products
  • House keeping
  • Pick Up & Drop
  • Spa Treatments
  • Grocery Services
  • Dining in options
  • Wifi & Electronics package
  • SleepEasy bed
  • Serviced Apartments
  • On call staff/Doctor
  • Welcome Gift
  • Car hire options
  • Pet sitting