Big Question - Why To Invest In Service Apartment?


Investing In Serviced Apartments Is A Good Idea reason being serviced apartments offer relatively strong returns with comparatively low risk. Moreover there is no hassle of managing your property as that will be taken care by Bridgestreet , right from maintenance to getting clientele for Serviced Apartments. Bridge street has exclusive tieups /mandate with Global companies which will ensure more than expected returns on your investment. At present, investment in residential properties is more for capital appreciation than rental income. But, here with us get both capital appreciation as well as rental income.

It means ‘Financial Stability at the same Mental Stability’.

When we say mental stability, we mean it, as serviced apartments provide more of a ‘home away from home’ feeling.

With the steady growth of business travel and tourism in many parts of India, and consequently high-to-full occupancy rates, serviced apartments are becoming more widespread across major cities. Compared to residential projects serviced apartments offer relatively strong returns with relatively low risk.

Some of the major benefits of investing with the big players, like Bridgestreet, include:

  • A fixed rental income
  • No vacancies (100% tenancy)
  • Long term lease
  • Tax and superannuation benefits
  • Reasonable management fees
  • Nominal letting fees
  • Low repair and maintenance obligations
  • Transparency in Occupancy through an exclusive Investor login account
  • Secure Investment
  • Honest Policies & Conduct

In addition, typical residential properties rely on bureaucratic negotiations with the tenants - as well as the many costs associated with being a landlord – but these issues are mostly taken care of for serviced apartment investors and the management fees are minimal.

Another reason is – BENEFITS

No doubt, Serviced apartments are becoming more widespread across major cities and a preferred choice for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle at less expense.

As far as benefits are concerned, then of course, serviced apartments offers more space, freedom and comfort, typically include services like front office (properly equipped working area), entertainment facilities like T.V., Music System, soft-furnishings, fully-equipped kitchen with full range of cooking utensils, fridge and microwave besides housekeeping staff and a concierge service. Hence, we call it a convenient configuration for family, group or business travel (therefore one can work, remotely).

Our Uniqueness & Our Speciality

Amenity-Full Apartments incorporate:

  • Furnished A.C. living rooms
  • Dining area
  • Entertainment conveniences like T.V. connection, music system
  • Fully-equipped kitchen with cooking utensils, fridge and microwave
  • Properly equipped working area
  • Onsite Laundry services
  • Housekeeping staff and a concierge service
  • Phone and Wi-Fi connection
  • Power back-up
  • Access to Club house, Swimming pool, Fitness Centre
  • Round the clock security
  • Parking Facility
  • Pick-up and drop convenience and much more

  • Here, Get pleasant, comfortable, safe and home-like ambience...
  • Enjoy special packages for long stays...
  • Experience Friendly-efficient professional service...
  • Eliminates the stress of finding good domestic help as services are already on hand.
  • Security & Safety are of at the highest levels with 24 hour guards, cameras inside & outside premises.
  • Ambience of a 5 star property & manicured common areas
  • High specification apartments which adhere to internationally renowned BS standard
  • Facilities such as pool, gym, club lounge to 5 star standard
  • Ambience of a 5 star property & manicured common areas
  • Costing varies according to the project and the location which will include EDC, IDC, PLC.
  • Option of renting apartment back to BridgeStreet with the best returns.
  • Maintenance done by BS.
  • 24/7 staff
  • Concierge
  • Housekeeping
  • Upkeep & maintenance of common areas
  • Upkeep & maintenance of gym/pool etc
  • Security
  • Branded apartments adhere to high level of services as per branded service provider norms
  • Assurance of level of professionalism, services, facilities as per branded norms
  • Value of a branded apartment is significantly higher than a non branded hence making it an attractive investment option
  • Branded Residencies is responsible for establishing BridgeStreet in India
  • Branded Residencies is Exclusive channel partner for BridgeStreet.
  • Branded Residencies will be responsible for marketing of BridgeStreet.

With us, no need to have second thought, if you’re an investor then investing in a serviced apartment is certainly something to consider for the future. And not to mention, If you want to invest in real estate, it’s advisable to broaden your horizons to serviced apartments for a higher annuity income.

So Get Ready for Tomorrow. Today.